For us, this journey starts with relationships. By building meaningful partnerships with amazing friends throughout the world, we actively support initiatives that are transforming communities.

Once areas of need are identified, we partner with local communities to present solutions with the same level of intentionality. Our unique method transforms how we experience mission from a seasonally-changing project to a consistent path to notable transformation and deeper relationships.

This allows us to offer a variety opportunities to engage, that meet you where you are with an ever-expanding list of opportunities based on areas of need identified by our partners. Whether our work leads to a one time donation supporting an initiative that you care about, becoming a monthly partner or joining us on a trip to visit and work alongside our friends, we’re here to support you at every stage of your journey.

We Believe…

Meaningful connections matter.

We believe the journey, along with the people you meet along the way, is just as important as the destination. We offer a relational approach to discovering paths to personal and community transformation, prioritizing meaningful connections.

Intentionality has a real impact.

There’s thought behind everything we do, from choosing the partners we work with to determining how we support local solutions. This translates to a more sustainable model of transformation, and a carefully considered experience for each person we work with and each community that we join.

Partnership is both complex and approachable. 

Every community and individual has a unique story. But while partnership is complex, the fundamentals of serving and loving are simple. We believe that  relationships are the most powerful engines for change.