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“What if we expand our vision from teaching leadership classes for students to beginning a school to specifically train young leaders to impact and transform their communities?” This is the question being asked by International Leadership Foundation Cameroon (ILF) Over the past 11 years, ILF Cameroon has developed a successful student leadership curriculum that is used in schools throughout the Country. Additionally, they host an annual camp focused on leadership development, positive community transformation and practical skills training for emerging young leaders.

Because of the success of these programs, a vision is growing for a school that will address the issue of societal transformation on the foundation of a Christ-centered, world-class education.

  • Their approach is unique for several reasons:
  • A Christ centered ethos to facilitate inner transformation
  • Transforming communities by developing entrepreneurial skills in students
  • Scholarships opportunities for families who may not be able to afford the tuition   
  • Providing a boarding school option for students attending from outside the Yaoundé area

After much prayer and input from those already working in related fields ILF Cameroon desires to conduct a survey to assess the level of interest as well as the need and feasibility of a school like this. The sample will be 3,000 responses from various educational, leadership, faith based and parental sources over the course of one month in the cities of Yaoundé and Douala, Cameroon. These responses will help to inform crucial decisions in developing the school in a way that will maximize the impact in the local community, country and the world!

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